DYWWA is an artwork that you can wear rather than only hang on a wall.

DYWWA (Do You Want to Wear an Artwork?) brand was created by an artist Alëna Olasyuk who has a goal to attract attention to art in a more common way, through fashion.

DYWWA can be called a multifunctional instrument for creating an artwork on cloth or such basic clothing as a T-shirt or a top. Cloth acts as an imitation of a canvas or paper and simplicity of cut gives a perfect chance to watch an artwork without unnecessary deformations.

DYWWA is more than a brand. It is classical understanding of art as a process of self-expression on all stages, from drawing to the final step – a collection photo shoot. Alyona starts with expressing her idea through wood block printing technique, signing each piece of work and giving it a private number which makes it unique. The next step is demonstration of the work as a happening where art lovers buy these pieces and present them on their bodies, proving that the human form can serve as a gallery and passersby as spectators. The final step is a collection photo shoot made by artists of varied genres and styles, further making each piece of work and the whole collection one of a kind.

DYWWA is simplicity and style, art in daily life.
DYWWA is communication, a conversation among an artist, a buyer and a spectator. 

DYWWA is an unique artwork made by special old technique as woodcut and printed on clothes or a T-shirt, is an artwork that you can wear!
Each print is an unique artwork, numbered and signed by the artist, each kind of painting is limited 

*All Prints are hand made, the final print may be more or less clear, and may have little drops from paint. 


A simple plain t-shirt, carefully designed down to every detail from the neckline to the stitching. It looks great worn on its own or layered, and features DRY technology to dry sweat quickly.

MATERIAL : 66% Cotton, 34% Polyester
CARE: Machine Wash, Warm

To know more about Artist, go to Alena Olasyuk page.

For any question or proposition contact: a.olasyuk@qq.com