Alëna Olasyuk is a Russia-born, Ukraine-raised artist who has been living in Beijing for 10 years. She decided to start her career in China after studying at the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and gained her degrees in arts and media. The underlying Buddhist ideas expressed through are her artistic language which is characterized by those fine and repetitive lines that convey a meditative feeling to the viewer. Her passion in art can be traced to her childhood seeing her father draw by pen. The Soviet Union made nib pen that she uses is from her mother. The contrasts of using both Chinese ink and Soviet Union media and her multi-cultural identity are rather harmonized in her poetic expression. Attracted by the subtle texture of Chinese ink, she painstakingly creates these accurate and logical patterns that are opposed to the freedom in traditional Chinese ink painting. Her sensibility and exploration in the potential between dualities reflect a universal empathy: complexity versus simplicity; abstraction versus representation; tranquility versus disturbance. The sense of “in between” underpins her artistic journey and pushes her to find the balance in the world. As she once said, “I had an intention to bring the feeling as if the viewer gazes into the distance, watching the sea or the mountains,” her works allow us to search for the infinite possibilities in the ephemeral moment.  
Alëna Olasyuk’s distinguished artworks are collected by Sky Art Foundation (Kiev, Ukraine), 11 Gallery (Beijing China), and Cheng Center for Contemporary Art (Beijing, China). Her recent solo exhibition “In Between” was held by Galerie Grand Siecle in Taipei. She was the only foreigner in the exhibition of Chinese contemporary art at the Curitiba Biennial curated by Fang Zhenning in Brazil in 2017. She also exhibited in the Art Tianjin Contemporary Art: Without Ink exhibition in 2019. Her other solo exhibitions include Khmelnitsky Region Art Museum, 2016; Auto Studio, 2015; Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology, 2014