Alëna Olasyuk, an Ukrainian-born female artist who lives and works in Beijing. She graduated from the Arts College in Khmelnytsky city and from the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology and gained her degrees in arts and media. Since then she has been working with a variety of mediums, such as oil paintings, ink on paper, woodcut print and piercing art. Complexity and simplicity, chaos and balance, movement and tranquillity, transiency and infinity – these are the subjects that Alëna explores in her oeuvre. Her series of works reveal the visual and spiritual experiences of her life in China and her growing interest in philosophical ideas of Buddhism. The main idea behind her works is perhaps the idea of the world’s duality. Alëna’s works refer to the main binary oppositions in Chinese ancient classic – Yin and Yang. Furthermore, these series of ink works as well as woodcut prints and photography show artist’s response to a highly globalised world, and can be seen as a visual articulation of a nascent fascination with complex processes happening all around the globe.

by Valeriya Stupnikova