.Step back to enjoy the simple, step closer to feel the complex, step within to meditate upon the hypnotic. 

Alëna Olasyuk, an Ukrainian-born female artist who lives and works in Beijing. 
Complexity and simplicity, chaos and balance, movement and tranquillity, transiency and infinity – these are the subjects that Alëna explores in her oeuvre. 

DYWWA is an artwork that you can wear rather than only hang on a wall. DYWWA (Do You Want to Wear an Artwork?) brand was created by an artist Alëna Olasyuk who has a goal to attract attention to art in a more common way, through fashion. DYWWA can be called a multifunctional instrument for creating an artwork on cloth or such basic clothing as a T-shirt or a top. Cloth acts as an imitation of a canvas or paper and simplicity of cut gives a perfect chance to watch an artwork without unnecessary deformations.